Xstream Facebook apps stream content to social network

Danish streaming company Xstream has begun offering Facebook video-on-demand applications as part of its online video platform MediaMaker.

The applications enable Facebook users to rent movies and TV series in HD quality via the site. Facebook users can use the platform to share content with friends and comment on and chat about what they are watching in real-time.
Nordisk Film is the first media company to sign up to the service. The customised Facebook VOD applications created for Nordisk Film will allow Facebook members within the Nordic countries to rent and view episodes of series including Twilight.

“According to many debates and opinions, availability and relevant content is how you should differentiate yourself if you want to succeed. Which platform is better than Facebook as an additional platform to make your unique content accessible to you target audience? I think we’ll certainly see more content owners and distributors who want to take advantage of Facebook as an additional platform for distribution of live and on-demand video content,” said Brynhild Vinskei, chief marketing officer at Xstream.

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