NovelSat completes tests on new satellite broadcast technology

Satellite technology company NovelSat has completed testing of its NS3 proprietary satellite modulation technology with SES and UK-based Satellite Mediaport Services.

According to NovelSat, the tests showed that by combining NS3’s ability to increase data rates over DVB-S2’s capabilities with the inherent low costs of an inclined orbit space segment, broadcasting data via satellite at fibre level broadcasting costs was now possible. The tests were conducted on the NSS-703 inclined orbit satellite, which showed a 61% data rate increase on a 72 MHz transponder, the NSS-5 satellite with limited power, which showed up to 49% higher data rate over the current satellite space segment utilisation, and the NSS-10 satellite, which saw similar results as the NSS-5 satellite when NS3 devices were enabled.

Israel-based NovelSat has developed a new satellite modulation technology that it says can significantly improve satellite bandwidth over the existing DVB-S2 standard, by up to 78% or over 100% when combined with statistical multiplexing.

Tags: satellite, SES

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