DLNA launches Premium Video

Connected home consortium the DLNA used last week’s CES in Las Vegas to launch DLNA Premium Video, designed to allow consumers to stream TV programmes and movies to DLNA-certified products.

DLNA Premium Video enables viewers to begin watching a television show in the

living room on a DLNA-certified TV and then continue the same programme some time later in their bedroom on a DLNA-certified tablet, for example. Content may then be delivered by service providers to a single set-top box that connects to the home network.

“Today’s consumers want to be connected at all times and smart devices give them this freedom,” said Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA. “As pioneers in connecting people and their devices, we’ve achieved a key milestone with the introduction of DLNA Premium Video, allowing consumers to easily connect and enjoy premium content throughout  their homes.”

The DLNA has worked with CableLabs, Cisco, Intel and Comcast, among others, on the development of the technology, and Intel and Comcast demonstrated the transmission of MPEG-2 streams in 1080p format to multiple devices at the show.

The DLNA said interoperability guidelines for Premium Video would be made available later this year.

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