Amino launches OTT media gateway

IP set-top developer Amino Communications will this week launch what it claims to be the world’s first hybrid/OTT media gateway to be powered by Intel’s next generation 32nm Intel Atom system-on-a-chip for at the CES show in Las Vegas.

The Amino Freedom Live media gateway will combine dual core processing power with various transcoding and encoding capabilities with multi-screen distribution to deliver content to TVs, smartphones and tablets around the home.

The Amino Freedom can handle various content sources, including broadcast, OTT, gaming and user generated content, that it can deliver via a newly created user interface, according to Amino. The company said it would also highlight a new feature that offers high-definition video calling via the TV set.

Amino CEO Donald McGarva said: “This is a real home media powerhouse – fast, slick and with new levels of power and functionality to deliver new kinds of multi-screen entertainment. From dual core capabilities through the latest high speed data, transcoding and encoding functionality – to HD video calling – the Amino Freedom Live sets new standards in the media gateway market.”

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