Volicon updates Observer

Video monitoring specialist Volicon has released version 6.0 of its Observer Enterprise video content logging and monitoring system.

The latest version is configured with new loudness-monitoring capabilities, closed-caption support and transport-stream monitoring and export. Volicon said it gives broadcasters, networks and cable operators the ability to handle MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streams natively as high-resolution streams, or over the WAN as low-res proxies, while retaining the content and associated metadata within the stream.

Dual-export functionality allows users to mark in and out points, clip content and then export a full programme and the full transport stream.

“We’re continually refining our Observer product line to meet the evolving demands facing broadcast and media companies,” said Eli Warsawski, president and CEO at Volicon. “While our Observer Enterprise system has always provided the reliable and straightforward monitoring capabilities our customers require, the 6.0 system release reflects significant advances that simplify compliance with new standards, regulations, and practices in the management and delivery of DTV services, and it opens opportunities to introduce new revenue-generating services.”

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