Telekom Austria extends Agama quality assurance deal

Telekom Austria’s IPTV platform A1 has begun using Agama Technologies’ embedded monitoring solution for quality assurance.

A1 has extended its existing Agama installation with embedded set-top box monitoring for last-mile and in-home service quality assurance. The monitoring solution reaches from the headend site to the point of service consumption.

“It’s with great pleasure we see that A1 selects to expand their Agama solution to become a cornerstone for their IPTV quality assurance processes, following the clear trend of telcos deploying TV service quality assurance solutions capable of supporting the entire organization also from a business perspective,” said Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies. “The Agama DTV Monitoring Solution is today the most widely deployed end-to-end system for this purpose, and since the first installation our customers have achieved remarkable results in their structured quality improvement processes. In deployments, we have seen drastically lowered numbers of incoming calls to customer support, truck rolls and unnecessary STB swaps almost reduced to zero, and actual measurable increases in customer satisfaction.”


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