TF1, M6 decline to play ball on Euro 2012 rights

French commercial channels TF1 and M6 have declined to make a new, higher offer for the rights to the UEFA Euro 2012 football tournament following news that Al Jazeera had placed a €130 million bid, according to French press reports.

Despite requests from UEFA to re-evaluate their offer, the two broadcasters have categorically refused, according to the reports.

Al Jazeera does not have a channel in France over which it could air the competition and it is considered unlikely that domestic broadcasters would be willing to pay the kind of sum that the Qatari broadcaster would demand for distribution, should UEFA award the rights to Al Jazeera.

Media regulator the CSA has ruled that the games of the French national team should be aired on free-to-air TV, ruling out an alliance with the French football association’s pay TV channel CFoot.

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