Purescreens launches Museum app on LG connected TVs

HD channel provider PureScreens has launched a Museum app on LG’s connected TV platform that allows users to access famous artworks on their TV sets.

The Museum app gives access to about 300 artworks initially, including exhibits in the Louvre, National Gallery, Prado and Uffizi galleries.

The paintings are showcased within themed exhibitions constituted around an artist, a collection or a subject. Each piece is supported by an audio commentary in English or French. Each exhibition lasts 20 minutes. Users can pause the stream and view an HD picture of a painting on their TV screen for up to 24 hours. Museum will be a Premium application pre-loaded in LG TV-sets in most European countries, offering five exhibitions for free. Four new exhibitions will be added to the catalogue each month.

Tags: LG, Purescreens

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