Ofcom reveals digital TV figures

Latest data from UK regulator Ofcom shows that 93% of households currently watch digital TV on their main set, while 96% of households have at least one TV set using digital TV.

Ofcom’s UK Communications Infrastructure Report for 2011 found that 89% of households are served by the three public service DTT multiplexes, a figure that will rise to 99% by November 2012 following the completion of the digital switchover process. The proportion of households that are served by all six DTT multiplexes currently stands at 73% and is set to rise to 92% a year from now.

Data from the report also shows that DTT is the most common means of TV reception in the UK, accounting for 38% of homes, followed closely by pay digital satellite with 35% of households. Cable accounts for 12% of homes, free-to-air satellite 8% of homes and analogue terrestrial 7% of homes.

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