TV ownership growing in Poland

Over five million Polish households have two or more TV sets, according to a survey by TGI MillwardBrown.

The number of households with three or more TV sets has nearly doubled in ten years to 1,207,080 from 700,000. Over four million households have TV sets with 30 inch panels or bigger, while flat screen LCD TVs account for 33% of all television sets used in Poland

“We are slowly reaching the point where Poles will have a TV set in nearly every room. Watching television together in the living room is still a tradition for many Polish families, but habits have started to change recently. A certain personalisation can be observed now. More household members now want a TV set in their room and decide what they want to watch. All signs seem to say, therefore, that demand for the multiroom service will be growing,” said Marcin Jarnicki, head of marketing research at pay TV operator ITI Neovision.

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