German online TV grows

Germany currently has 1,418 online TV services attracting 166 million hits daily, according to Bavarian media regulator the BLM’s Web TV Monitor 2011.

Usage of online TV services is up 10% on the previous year, according to the survey, carried out on behalf of the BLM by Goldmedia. Short clips of three to five minutes are still the dominant format online.

Established media companies’ online portals have a 43% market share, with 35 new services launched in the last year, while about 33% of online channels are produced exclusively for the internet, with 36 new online-only services launched in the last year. Corporate and shopping sites account for 9% of the market and non-commercial channels for 5%.

Goldmedia found that only 3% of hits were via mobile devices in 2010, with providers expecting this to grow to 25% by 2013.

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