Advertisers not ready for connected TV

A survey conducted by UK industry group the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals that while advertisers are interested in the opportunities presented by connected TV, few have firm plans in place to advertise.

The IAB said that 85% of survey respondents professed an interest in advertising on internet-connected TVs, but only 12% currently have a strategy in place. It added that 10% of industry respondents remain uncertain as to when a connected TV strategy will be implemented and 22% say they have no plans to implement one at all. Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts 123 million connected TVs will be sold in 2014.

Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO of multichannel video agency Adjust Your Set said, “While people are purchasing internet-enabled devices it is still unclear whether they will plug them in. It is the industry’s responsibility to create compelling content propositions to persuade the audience. ”

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