Pace adds Helium software for home networking

Pace has launched new software called Helium for gateways and set-top boxes.

The set-top specialist said Helium enables operators to manage their services through any gateway or next generation ‘smartbox’ system, regardless of vendor, and provides advanced home networking services to consumers in an operator-defined environment. 
Helium, a new addition to Pace’s Elements platform, is hardware-agnostic software that allows operators to install, connect and manage multiple hardware types from a range of vendors. The software provides various home networking capabilities via gateways or smartboxes, allowing subscribers to connect a range of electronic equipment into the home network, including printers, digital photo frames, set-top boxes and laptops, without needing to replace their in-home devices.

Helium Unified Gateway Software features a central control system, enabling operators to update and manage subscribers’ home networks remotely. Operators can install Helium onto gateways in the field, and upgrade software and firmware remotely. Helium also includes an SDK, enabling operators to develop and launch in-house apps.

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