CSA begins examining channels’ quota obligations

French media regulator the CSA has begun examining whether the country’s pay TV channels met their licence obligations to support local production last year.

The regulator said that a number of channels – Beur TV, Demain TV, 3A Télésud, Best of shopping, M6 Boutique and Co, Ma Chaîne étudiante, Berbère TV, KTO and No Life had failed to provide all the information required either with regards to production or broadcast quota obligations.

Two channels – Pink TV and Trace Tropical – have been warned over failure to meet broadcast quota obligations, while Mezzo and Game One have been censured for failure to meet movie quota obligations, and the CSA has also intervened in the case of Planète No Limit, Comédie and TF6.

Production quota warnings have been issued to AB, ACI, France 3 Via Stella and Disney, with interventions in the case of 13e Rue, Berbère TV and Mezzo.

The CSA has also intervened with or warned Trace Tropical, AB1, Mangas and Télé Mélody over various other quota failures.

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