Cyfra Plus to launch 3D channel and web TV service

Cyfra Plus has revealed plans to enhance its service later this year with the launch of a 3D channel, expanded HD line-up and a free web TV service.

The Polish pay TV operator has already aired some 3D content but is planning on ramping up its output, including additional sports events and at least two movies in 3D each month. It will launch a dedicated 3D channel, Canal Plus 3D, this autumn.

The operator is also adding two new HD channels, Canal Plus Gol HD and Canal Plus Weekend HD, to its platform on October 28. From November 11, it will begin broadcasting all of its remaining channels in HD, renaming them kino Plus HD, Planete Plus HD, Kuchnia Plus HD, Domo Plus HD, teleTOON Plus HD, Hyper Plus HD and MiniMini Plus HD.

Also on November 11, Cyfra Plus will begin streaming all of its thematic channels to a new web TV portal. Content from those channels, along with HBO programmes, will also be available on-demand.

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