One in 10 Austrians own a tablet

One in 10 Austrians now owns a tablet device, with 44.2% using the devices to consume video, according to a survey by A1 Telekom Austria.

According to the survey, carried out jointly with Mindtake New Media Research and USECON, 9.4% of those interviewed already had a tablet, with a further 22.8% intending to buy one by the end of this year. The strongest purchasing intention (36.1%) came from adults aged 20-29 years old. However, 21.5% of 60-plus year olds also stated an intention to buy before the end of 2011.

Aside from video consumption, tablets were used for surfing the net (82.8%), emails (78.1%), managing photo albums (66.5%), reading newspapers and magaines (58.9%) and reading books (42.6%).

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