DVB hopes to improve 3D TV next year

The DVB is working on plans to improve the quality of 3D TV broadcasts that it hopes to implement next year.

The European digital TV standards agency is planning on implementing adjustable depth and full HD quality for 3D TV viewers, according to consumer title What Satellite and Digital TV, quoting David Wood, chairman of the DVB commercial module, who was speaking at the IBC conference in Amsterdam last week.

Adjustable depth enables users to decide how much depth can be seen in a 3D image, making the viewing experience more comfortable for different viewers.

The DVB also said today’s 960x1080i side-by-side 3D TV could be upgraded to 1920x1080p Full HD 3D in one of two ways. One uses the MVC format used by Blu-ray, the other adds a second signal with enhanced detail to the existing half HD side-by-side format currently used by Sky HD set-tops in the UK.

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