S&T integrates EBIF tools with FourthWall

Interactive TV specialist Strategy & Technology has teamed up with FourthWall Media to integrate features of each other’s EBIF (Enhanced Binary Interchange Format) tools for standardising applications.

The bundled offerings will include the incorporation of FourthWall User Agent into S&T’s TS Monitor product, S&T’s TS Binder integrated with FourthWall’s Ad Widgets, and the S&T Carousel Streamer with FourthWall’s TV Widgets.

S&T’s TS Monitor, developed in collaboration with FourthWall, is an enhanced TV application monitoring tool. The TS Binder software is used to generate early-bound EBIF ads, binding the advert to the digital video content with which it is associated. Carousel Streamer generates EBIF data carousels and encodes them into MPEG-2 transport streams, and delivers them in-band to provide unbound EBIF applications available across all services on the platform.

Tags: S&T

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