Channel 4 offers demographic ad targeting for VOD

Channel 4 is offering demographic targeting to advertisers for VOD ad campaigns.

The UK broadcaster’s Future and Digital Media Ad Sales (FADMA) team are offering advertisers the opportunity to buy by demographic as well as genre, which it says is a unique approach to trading over digital platforms.

Viewer data gathered by Channel 4 through registration profile information will be supplemented by third party data supplied by Quantcast, to deliver demographic breakdowns on Channel 4’s VOD audiences.

The FADMA team is also launching an exclusive creative suite of online ad formats, Ad Pop, Ad Bloom, Ad Social and Ad Interact, that will offer various interactive opportunities

Ad Pop enables the product being advertised in a pre-roll to ‘pop out’ of the the VOD player area, giving viewers the option of exploring the product’s features through interactive images and overlays.

Ad Bloom allows a pre-roll ad to turn into a microsite within the VOD player that the advertiser can populate with content videos, product features and photos.

Ad Social gives viewers the opportunity to show their appreciation for brands by using the VOD player to check in with, recommend or follow it on relevant social network sites.

Ad Interact enables viewers to input details for offers, competitions or sign up for coupons without leaving the VOD player page.

Errol Baran, head of Future and Digital Media Ad Sales said, “Channel 4 recognises that standout and digital innovation remain key objectives for the agency community. Our new creative suite not only looks to address these key issues, but builds on Channel 4’s digital proposition to remain the most innovative and engaging video destination in the marketplace. As the leading commercial On Demand platform, considering ways in which to forge a greater connection with our audiences through content and advertising will form a key part of our 2012 strategy.”

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