Deutsche Welle debuts Arabic channel

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has launched new Arabic channel DW-TV Arabia.

The channel, which began airing yesterday, includes six hours of programming in Arabic each day with the rest of the schedule made up of English language content. Shows will include Deutsche Welle’s flagship news programme Journal as well as Arabic versions of Arts.21 and GLOBAL 3000. Along with the established Quadriga, there will be four new talk shows added to the line-up.

Deutsche Welle said DW-TV Arabia is targeting viewers in the Arab world who are interested in Germany and its position on international and regionally-relevant issues. “With DW-TV ARABIA’s consolidated schedule, we are offering attractive programming in Arabic for our target audience between Morocco and the UAE,” said Deutsche Welle’s director of television, Christoph Lanz. “In an era of such political instability, we are meeting the needs of our viewers by offering reliable news, insights and information.”

Deutsche Welle began broadcasting in Arabic in 2002 with a two-hour block, which has been expanded over the years. DW-TV ARABIA can be received via Nilesat and Arabsat/Badr 4 between Morocco and Oman as well as in Europe.

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