Verimatrix and RCBd partner to deliver premium content to LG Smart TVs

Content security specialist Verimatrix has partnered with TV software and data services company Related Content Database (RCDb) to develop a solution for pay TV operators and broadcasters to securely deliver premium content over IP to LG’s Smart TV connected TV platform and Blu-ray players. The partnership was announced at the IBC conference in Amsterdam.

The Verimatrix VCAS for Internet TV solution provides encryption, secure key management and device authentication to protect streaming content to LG devices. RCDb’s WatchWith service delivery platform enables an operator-branded application accessible via the LG App Store, and LG Smart TV platform family including LG LCD and plasma TVs, Blu-ray players and the Smart TV Upgrader.

RCDb’s WatchWith service delivery platform also delivers secure streaming video to Blu-ray players and leverages a common rights management interface through the Verimatrix MultiRights infrastructure.

“Our partnership with RCDb greatly expands the range of connected devices that can be supported in secure multi-screen deployments,” said Steve Oetegenn, Verimatrix’s chief sales and marketing officer. “RCDb’s proven compatibility with the LG Smart TV platform will accelerate the deployment of compelling applications that leverage our joint integration efforts.”

Tags: LG, Verimatrix

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