YouSee reveals plans as TV2 set to become pay TV service

Danish cable operator YouSee, part of telecom provider TDC, is to continue offering TV2 as part of its basic package when the channel becomes a pay TV service next year.

TV2’s move to a pay TV service follows a decision by the Danish parliament on funding for the publicly-owned service. YouSee and other distributors will pay DKK12.50 (€1.68) per subscriber per month to carry the channel. YouSee says it will raise the price of its basic tier by DKK10 a month to cover part of the cost.

The operator also plans to raise the price of its medium and full packages. YouSee has announced plans to add three new channels – Disney Jr, Discovery’s TLC and Turner’s TNT 7 – to the full package in November, and will increase the number of HD channels in the pack from 11 to 20. The number of analogue channels carried by the operator will fall from 34 to 31.

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