Thomson launches 
Futhura Plus transmitter

Thomson Broadcast has launched the Futhura Plus high-power television transmitter.

The Futhura Plus offers broadcasters substantial energy savings, with a 50% percent improvement in efficiency over current standard transmitters on the market, according to Thomson.

For use in initial deployments or for extending existing digital networks, the UHF wideband Futhura Plus offers high-power capability suitable for HDTV and 3D services, with up to 35% transmitter efficiency and power density of up to 12.6kW OFDM, said the company. Equipped for all OFDM standards in the UHF frequency band, the Futhura Plus features Thomson’s latest software enhancements for the exciters, and a range of passive components including RF filters and new RF channel combiners.

The Futhura Plus features drain modulation technology, an advance towards meeting lower energy consumption targets in the broadcast industry. Through its reduced power requirements, the transmitter also delivers operational cost savings that can impact the performance of a broadcast business, said Thomson.

“The Futhura Plus is the most advanced and efficient energy-saving transmitter available to broadcasters today,” said Nicolas Dallery, president of Thomson Broadcast. “Incorporating the best technologies created to date by Thomson, the Futhura Plus stands out as a serious contributor to green broadcasting and profitable business.”

Thomson Broadcast will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 5.A17

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