Fetch TV to launch on Panasonic connected TVs

The VOD portal of UK service provider IP Vision’s hybrid OTT/IPTV platform Fetch TV will launch on Panasonic Viera connected TVs later this year.

The portal will be available via an app that has been customised to simplify content discovery. Viewers will be able to watch trailers, sample services and select and view FetchTV content. The app will give Panasonic Viera owners access to on-demand content on a pay-per-view or mini-subscription basis to movies and TV shows from Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, National Geographic, Playboy and other providers.

IP Vision said the FetchTV app will be made available via Panasonic Blu-ray players at a later date.

David Bloom, IP Vision’s commercial director, said: “Connected TV is the next logical step for IP Vision as a company and FetchTV as a service and represents a new era of convenience for TV viewers. It instantly offers enhanced choice of content for the consumer, enabling viewers to pick and choose the best of broadcast and the best of online, while enjoying it all on state of the art display technology.”

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