3net launches first 3D kids block

3net, the 3D broadcaster operated by Sony, Discovery and IMAX, is launching a kids block with more than 30 hours of 3D content. 
This marks the first 3D kids block to launch globally.

3Net has commissioned two new animated 3D series: Bolts & Blip, a robot sports series that is produced by Toonbox Entertainment in partnership with South Korean producer Red Rover, and Dream Defenders, an action series following two twins Zane and Zoey that is produced by Tiny Island Productions.

The block, which is titled 3net Three Dee Kids, will also aired live action series Feeding Time and format Puppy Bowl as well as a raft of movies from Sony pictures. It will launch in October.

“The announcement of a dedicated programming block for kids 7-12 and their families marks another important step forward in our mission to provide compelling, diverse and original 3D television content to the broadest audience of consumers possible,” said Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO, 3net.

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