Vimond announces 3D streaming support

Norway-based online TV specialist Vimond Media Solutions has announced support for 3D streaming through its over-the-top platform.

The company said OTT service providers can now publish the same service on various networks and formats at the same time. Vimond’s video player based on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology supports dual 2D and 3D display capabilities.

Vimond has also announced plans to enhance its client applications so that menu structures, buttons, modules, and other interactive elements fit uniformly with the 3D transmission.

“3D is moving from buzzword to reality in many markets, and a lot of the TV channels we support have started to deploy 3D transmission, or are planning to do so in the near future,” said Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions. “3D adds a degree of complexity for online services, since online tends to be much more interactive and have more display elements that need to be adapted as well. So we are pleased to announce this development, which means that Vimond users now have a clear and easy route to 3D service provision.”

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