Netflix to launch in Spain within six months

Netflix is set to roll out its video streaming in service in Spain in January 2012.

Pedro Perez, president of local producers association FAPAE, confirmed to trade title Screen Daily that the movie streaming site has contacted Spanish producers ahead of an early 2012 launch.

US-based Netflix made its first international expansion in Canada, and has announced plans to launch in 43 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean later this year. Spain would mark its first move in Europe. The company is also expected to launch in the UK at some point next year.

Screen Daily noted that Spain accounts for 400 million illegal downloads per year and is on the International Intellectual Property Alliance’s Watchlist of offenders for piracy, which could pose problems with studio negotiations.

Netflix will also face competition from existing streaming services, including Sweden-based Voddler, which offers over 3,500 on-demand titles.

Netflix has 26 million customers in the US and is aiming for 30 million by the end of the year. It received criticism recently for hiking prices for its top package by as much as 60% for US subscribers.

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