Kabel Deutschland on track to meet targets

German cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) remains on track to meet its targets for the year after recording solid revenue-generating unit and revenue growth for the first quarter, according to CEO Adrian von Hammerstein.

KDG recorded 12.835 million revenue-generating units at the end of the quarter, up 596,000 year-on-year. Premium TV subscriptions numbered 1.317 million, up 18.9%, while internet and phone subscriptions numbered 1.434 million, up 20.7%. However, KDG saw its total subscriber count fall from 8.878 million to 8.72 million, largely due to a falling off of indirect customers served through third-party networks from 1.391 million to 1.197 million, from whom the operator said it made lower fees compared with direct customers.

KDG posted revenue of €412.1 million, up 5.8%, while adjusted EBITDA was up 9.8% to €193.4 million. Pre-tax profit for the quarter was €9.7 million, up from €7.5 million, while net profit was €8.5 million, compared with a loss of €2.5 million for the same period in 2010. ARPU was €13.98, up 6.9% year-on-year. KDG expects revenue growth of between 6.25-6.75% for its current fiscal year and EBITDA of between €790-800 million.
KDG said it had now upgraded 82.1% of its homes to take triple-play services.

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