TV shipments face emerging market growth but developed market decline

TV shipments in emerging markets in Latin America, eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific will grow at 2.2% a year over the next five years, according to IMS Research.

However, TV shipments in Japan and western Europe are expected to decline, according to IMS, while the North American market will stabilize between now and 2015.

Veronica Thayer, lead researcher for the Television Shipment Database and Forecast, said, “The TV set market in developing regions still has room to grow. TV household penetration will increase, as well as the number of TVs per household. CRTs are being replaced with flat panel televisions, and economic growth facilitates the adoption of new technologies.” However, said Thayer, demand in developed markets is already saturated. “Most of these countries have completed their digital transitions, and consumers have already replaced their CRTs and purchased HDTVs. New features such as 3D and connectivity will drive sales, but they won’t motivate consumers to replace a flat panel TV purchased three years ago,” she said.

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