RGB launches new video platform

TV technology company RGB Networks has launched a new video processing platform, the VMG-8, part of the company’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway line. RGB has also added increased transcoding capacity to its TCM transcoder module.

The VMG-8 is a seven rack-unit platform designed for small to medium or edge deployments, providing functions including transcoding, transrating and ad insertion, and enabling multiscreen distribution of content. The VMG8 holds up to eight modules, providing an alternative to RGB’s larger VMG-14 that can also accommodate RGB’s recently-added AMP module – a Linux-based blade developed initially for real-time audio transcoding – without exceeding the chassis’ capacity when a back-up module is added, according to the company. In its fully redundant configuration the VMG8 can be configured with three video transcoder modules, one audio transcoder module and a single controller module for transcoding programmes to over 140 streams for delivery to any IP-enabled device, according to RGB.

RGB has also enhanced its TCM transcoder module, enabling transcoding of up to 60 SD or HD inputs and 240 adaptive bitrate outputs per VMG-8 chassis and up to 132 SD or HD inputs and 528 outputs per VMG-14 chassis.

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