BBC increased content spend and reach last year

UK public broadcaster the BBC spent a total of £1.8 billion (€2 billion) on content last year, the BBC Executive’s annual review and assessment report reveals.

Flagship channel BBC One accounted for £1.13 billion, slightly more than the previous year. BBC Two accounted for £421 million, which was also more than the previous year, while spending on BBC3 content was down slightly to £84.7 million, as was spending on BBC Four, which accounted for £50.8 million of total spend. The BBC ramped up spending on content for kids channels CBBC and CBeebies, which accounted for £78.3 million (last year: £54.5 million) and £28.5 million (last year: £18.1 million) respectively.

The BBC increased reach, the percentage of the UK population who watch each channel each week, across all of its channels, apart from BBC Two, which was down, and Gaelic-language channel BBC Alba, which remained the same. BBC One’s reach was 78.8%, BBC Two was 55.1% (down from 55.7%), BBC Three was 22.7% and BBC Four was 10.6%.

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