Sky News claims top news channel slot in EMS survey

Sky News has claimed top slot by weekly reach amongst international news channels in Europe, according to the latest European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS).

The channel had a daily reach of 2.5 million and a weekly reach of 7.4 million viewers, giving it a daily reach of 5.3% of the audience, followed by Euronews with 3.4%, CNN International with 3.1% and BBC World News with 2.8%. Sky News’s weekly reach was 15.7%, followed by BBC World News with 12.5%.

Business news channel CNBC meanwhile claimed top slot amongst business and financial channels. The results showed its daily reach up 16.4% to 539,000 viewers and its weekly reach up 7.8% to 3.1 million. Combined with online reach, this gives CNBC a weekly reach of 3.9 million viewers.

The study measures the media consumption of well-off Europeans, representing 13% of the population across 20 countries.

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