Italian Space Agency signs broadband MoU with Eutelsat

The ASI, the Italian Space Agency, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Eutelsat subsidiary SkyLogic to use Eutelsat’s Ka-Sat platform to delivery broadband connectivity for public authorities in Italy.

The ASI is planning to use about 550Mbps of Ka-Sat capacity across 10 spotbeams that together provide full coverage of the Italian territory. The capacity will mainly be deployed to deliver broadband to Italian public administrations beyond the range of terrestrial networks.

A partnership will be set up by the ASI with the private sector to deploy broadband services for Italian institutional and government entities. These will include Eutelsat’s Tooway service, which is delivered through Ka-Sat and offers users broadband speeds of up to 10Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream. The ASI will also cooperate with Skylogic to access Ka-Sat and to integrate Tooway and the capacity that ASI plans to have on its own satellites in the future.

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