Poland’s ‘n’ offering bundled mobile broadband from TP

Polish pay TV platform ‘n’ has launched its combined post-paid broadband offering with telco TP (as reported in DTVE Daily, May 26).

The partnership means that ‘n’ will be able to offer Orange Free mobile internet access and Neostrada internet service to its subscribers.

The move follows the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement by ‘n’’s owner TVN and TP Group in October last year. The pair began distributing TVN’s TNK pre-paid TV service in TP shops in December, as well as offering Orange Free through the ‘n’ website.

The ‘n’ service will now be combined with the full range of Orange Free mobile internet, with a combined price of PLN72 (€18).

“By adding Orange Free mobile Internet and Neostrada to the platform ‘n’ product portfolio, we can offer ‘n’ customers television and Internet in one package,” said Markus Tellenbach, president of TVN Group. “This is a significant step in creating an the most attractive broadband and television bundle in the market, and providing our customers with maximum entertainment using the most modern technologies.” 

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