Apple iCloud to include TV and movie service

US technology company Apple is launching its iCloud service next week and the service is expected to include TV and movie services, if negotiations between Apple and Hollywood studios are successful.

The iCloud services, which allows customers to stream and download content remotely, has been anticipated for a number of months but was originally only expected to launch a music service – an iTunes in the cloud-style service – but reports suggest that the announcement could possibly include streaming and downloadable movie and TV services. 

The company, which is run by Steve Jobs, has been negotiating with the major Hollywood film studios for a year, and CNET has reported that executives have recently stepped up efforts to persuade studios to license content, though a number of hurdles remain.

The announcement on iCloud is expected to take place on June 6 at Apple’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC), where it will also unveil the new version of its operating system.

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