Video to lead seven-fold internet traffic growth by 2015

The boom in online video will result in the amount of data being uploaded and downloaded increasing to 1.2 million petabytes by 2015, seven times more than in 2010.

According to a new internet traffic report from Informa Telecoms and Media, publisher of DTVE Daily, internet traffic will vary greatly between regions, with Asia seeing the most traffic by 2015. The Asia Pacific region’s share will have increased to 42% of global internet traffic by virtue of the growth in user numbers over the forecast period, Informa said.
While use of online video will experience the most significant growth, accounting for over half of all internet traffic by 2015, other services including online storage and back-up services will also see substantial growth.

“Much of the hype about internet traffic growth continues to come from the US and Silicon Valley, but it is the Asian internet users that are generating the most traffic. This will only become pronounced over the next few years, as the region’s internet penetration grows,” said Giles Cottle, an Informa Telecoms and Media senior analyst.