BBC starts review of news channels

The BBC Trust, which oversees the activities of UK public broadcaster the BBC, has started a review of its dedicated news services BBC News Channel and BBC Parliament. The review will examine the performance of the digital channels with an emphasis on whether they achieve BBC’s stated aims of being distinctive, high-quality and value for money.

The public can submit comments as part of the review and the final Trust report will be delivered in early 2012.

“News is at the very core of the BBC’s public service mission, and the BBC plays an integral role in fostering informed democratic debate in the UK. Over nine million viewers watch the News Channel’s up-to-the minute coverage of local, UK and international events, every week; a further million tune into BBC Parliament. That means there are a lot of people out there with views on these channels, and we want to hear what they think.”

The review will cover aspects of the services including reach, impact and value for money, their future strategic direction, and whether they have sufficient resources.