CSA moves forward with DTT VOD

French media regulator the CSA yesterday interviewed candidates to launch on-demand services on the country’s digital-terrestrial platform. The regulator will take a decision by the end of the month.

The most likely winner of the frequency allocated for the service is believed to be either Canal Plus, which has proposed to offer either its Canalplay or Canal Plus à la demande services on the platform, or TV Numeric, which wants to launch its SelecTV service. TV Numeric could launch its service via satellite if it fails to win the competition for the place on the digital-terrestrial platform.

The other applicants are Vaziva Conseil, Evazion TV and TV77.
Separately, French prime minister François Fillon has charged CSA president Miceh Boyon with leading a consultation on the future of digital-terrestrial TV. Boyon has been given the job of outlining the contours of the next stage of the platform’s development, and in particular with evaluating opportunities for the launch of new free or pay services.