ANACOM takes action on DTT mis-selling

Portuguese media regulator ANACOM has enacted a preliminary injunction preventing companies from mis-selling pay TV services following reports of unfair practices in the city of Alenquer during the recent digital switchover.

Two weeks ago, the regulator said pay TV operator Zon had mislead Alenquer residents by claiming they would only be able to receive the country’s free-to-air terrestrial channels by subscribing to its pay TV service ahead of analogue switchoff on May 12. Zon had allegedly carried misleading adverts on a number of its kiosks in Alenquer and ANACOM also received reports of unfair practices involving door-to-door and telephone salespeople.

ANACOM said that those found guilty of such practices in the future would be subject to a fine of between €500 and €3,740 for individuals and between €5,000 and €5,000,000 for legal entities covered by the Electronic Communications Law.

“The migration to digital terrestrial television is very sensitive and important for people who want to proceed without disruption…there are, however, clearly illegal companies or their agents exploiting this by adopting commercial practices which distort consumer choice, damaging its economic interests directly and indirectly the economic interests of their competitors,” said ANACOM in a statement.