Samsung outlines vision for vertical market

Samsung’s director of European business development, Vassilis Seleridis, used the Connected TV Summit yesterday to highlight Samsung’s commitment to developing connected TV platforms in partnership with pay TV service providers.

Samsung is now marketing its ‘Smart TV’ concept under the name ‘Smart Hub’, incorporating gateway access to content. This includes ‘All Share’, a home networking platform that allows users to interact with different devices around the home, as well as multi-device delivery of content.

Seleridis highlighted Samsung’s collaboration with US MSO Comcast, announced in January, bringing the latter’s Xfinity TV concept to Samsung devices. “You can access live TV on different devices and also search for and discover content,” he said.

Samsung has also teamed up with Time Warner Cable to deliver live TV over IP to multiple devices, and has partnered with DTH player DirecTV to deliver content to multiple screens around the home via the Remote Video User (RVU) standard, with RVU clients installed in Samsung TVs able to replicate the user experience on the initial screen, and content distributed from a single multi-tuner DVR rather than multiple set-top boxes around the home.

RVU is based on the delivery of video frames to remote locations around the home, with a native player to render them locally. DirecTV plans to launch a new multi-tuner DVR set-top later this year. 

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