App:Play looks to revive participation TV via social networking

New UK start-up App:Play has launched a platform that it says will allow broadcasters to deploy participation TV apps on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and the majority of internet-enabled mobile phones.

The platform supports a number of participation TV formats including quizzes, gameshows, polling and voting. App:Play allows broadcasters to integrate their content with payment options including Facebook Credits and multiple in-app purchase as well as traditional premium rate SMS and telephony. The company is also providing an API to enable app developers to include broadcasters’ content in their own apps.

The company, founded by participation TV veterans Henry Bennett and Paul Loram, will also launch its own participation TV channel CashPlayTV, next month, which will act as a showcase for the platform. The quiz channel will be the first to broadcast live across Facebook, mobile apps and the web, according to App:Play.

The App:Play platform will be regulated by Ofcom via premium rate services regulator PhonepayPlus.