STN plays out SAT-7 channels with iTX

Slovenia-based playout specialist STN has added eight new channels from SAT-7 using a Miranda iTX IT-based automation and playout system.

The addition of the channels from SAT-7, which delivers a range of religious channels aimed at Christians in the Arabic world, takes the total number of channels delivered by STN to over 300.

Mitja Lovsin, STN’s managing director, said that the migration to iTX had enabled the company to reduce the rack space allocated per channel from 42RU to 12RU and also enabled more versatile workflows, for example by enabling it to playout a live event and overlay graphics while recording the show for re-runs. The STN channels are equipped with Miranda’s Vertigo XG graphics processors, which operate downstream of the iTX output servers and provide channel branding, interactive and data-driven graphics and in-show promos.