Digital take-up continues in Hungary

Hungary had a total of 1,479,520 digital pay TV subscribers in March, 15,000 more than in February according to new figures from national communications regulator NMHH.

NMHH used data provided from the country’s top 12 operators, which between them had 2,695,785 subs, to estimate a total of 3,133,000 Hunagrian pay TV subscribers overall. The number of cable and IPTV subscribers stood at 1,805,240 at the end of March, of which 588,975 took digital services. The number of DTH subscribers reached 890,545.

The majority, 45.1%, of households still take analogue cable services but the number is declining as digital take-up continues. Digital cable now accounts for 21.8% of households, up from 17.3% at the end of March 2010. DTH has a market share of 33%, up from 30.9% a year earlier.

UPC, which offers cable and DTH services, remains the largest operator with a market share of 28.8%, followed by RCS&RDS’s Digi service with a 26.8% share and T-Home with a 24.8% share.