YouSee to invest DKK250 million in on-demand capacity

Danish cable operator YouSee is investing DKK250 million (€33.5 million) in a network upgrade that will expand capacity and enable the delivery of enhanced interactive services.

The operator said it would quadruple the capacity of its network to deliver on-demand services this year. It will then double the capacity every year for the next three years so the network will be able to handle 35 times as much on-demand TV as it does today.
YouSee delivers about 350,000 films on-demand each month at present, while the use of catch-up services has increased by 90% over the last 12 months.

“We’re going to see quite a large increase in both distribution and consumption of on-demand television in the coming years,” said YouSee technical director Jørgen Michaelsen. “Elsewhere in the world, for example in the US, is further developed but there is no doubt that we are already seeing a change in Danish television behavior towards greater consumption of time-shifted TV.”