Strong HD growth in Germany

Germany will end 2011 with 31 million HD ready homes, according to the country’s consumer electronics trade association, the GFU.

The organisation has predicted that 20 million homes will own TV sets integrated with HD receivers, and 11 million will have HD TV set-top boxes by the end of the year. It said 90% of new devices sold this year will have integrated HDTV.

“The number of integrated HDTV sets tripled from 2009 to 2010 to 12 million units and will increase later this year by another 75%,” said Rainer Hecker, chairman of the GFU. “Major sporting events like the Olympic Games, the football World Cup and Formula 1 were broadcast for the first time in HD in 2010. HDTV has arrived and audiences are enthusiastic.”

Last year, sales of HD receivers for cable services increased 216% to 475,000, according to GFU. The number of HD satellite decoders was up 169% to 2.3 million units. More HD TV sets than standard devices were sold for the first time last year in Germany, the GFU said.