Disney XD launches Marvel block

Disney XD, the international kids channel, is launching a Marvel programming block.

The network, which is a boy-skewing action-adventure brand that replaced Jetix during 2009, already airs an animated version of The Avengers, but Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors that it was creating a larger block to air both on its channel in the United States and on its international channels. This follows the company’s purchase of Marvel for US$4.2 billion (€2.9 billion) in 2009.

”We’re also working on creating a Marvel television block for the Disney XD platform, and there’s a show on the air, there’s one in development, there’s also development activity,” he said on a conference call. “We feel great about Marvel, and we feel really good about the quality of the film that they made that was released this past weekend, Thor.”

This comes as Disney announced its latest financial results, which saw its net profit fall by 1.2% and net income decrease by US$942 million. However, revenue at Disney’s media networks increased 12 percent to $4.32 billion, buoyed by advertising and affiliate revenue at cable networks such as ESPN. Profit rose 17 percent to $1.52 billion, with cable earnings up 15 percent.