OTE and Romtelecom TV growth fails to stem revenue decline

OTE-owned Romtelecom has passed the one million TV customer mark. The operator had 1,064,710 TV subscribers (including DTH, IPTV and cable customers) at the end of the quarter, up 14.9% year-on-year. The number of IPTV triple-play customers reached 33,000.

Romtelecom saw its broadband base grow by 24.5% to 1,062,325. Despite its success in gaining new customers, the operator saw revenues fall by 10.9% thanks to aggressive discounting in the market.

OTE’s Greek IPTV base grew by 140.9% to 56,464. However, the Deutsche Telekom-backed Greek telco also suffered from adverse economic conditions, with revenue declining by 12.6% to €1.225 billion and EBITDA falling by 17.8% to €393 million. 

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