Kabel BW using Motorola’s record-breaking upstream module

German cable operator Kabel BW has begun using Motorola’s RX48 decoupled upstream module for its broadband platform.

According to Motorola, the RX48 module increases the upstream capacity and upstream performance of the BSR 6400 integrated CMTS, allowing Kabel BW to achieve up to 280Mbps upstream throughput on their existing EuroDOCSIS return path. According to the company, Kabel BW is now able to support 100Mbps of upstream channel bonding over three standard 5-65MHz EuroDOCSIS channels where alternative CMTS solutions require four channels.

Motorola used the ANGA Cable show this week to unveil what it described as a new European record for return path data transmission. The record of 288Mbps for a 5-65MHz return path was set by transmitting across eleven return path channels of which four channels employed 256QAM modulation, using the RX48 return path receiver operating within a Motorola BSR 64000 I-CMTS.

Separately, UK cable operator Virgin Media has chosen to deploy Motorola’s new multiwave fibre transmitter.

Virgin Media is using Motorola’s new GX2-EA1000 series of transmitters which includes a 1550nm multi-wavelength transmitter that directly integrates electro absorption. According to the company, the EA1000 supports full band loading of analogue and digital content as well as fibre deep multi-wavelength of mixed analogue and digital content or digital only.

By multiplexing EA1000 transmitters with different wavelengths onto a single fibre, according to the company, operators can segment nodes in the network up to eight times with distances of up to 3km. Smaller segments can allow for 40km and even 60km distances.