Cable and DTH will lose pay TV share as IPTV gains

The proportion of pay TV homes in western Europe taking a cable or DTH service will decline by 2015 as IPTV increases its share, according to Informa Telecoms and Media.

It says that cable had a 54% market share in 2009 and that this will fall to 43% by end-2015. DTH, meanwhile, had a 28% share at end-2009 and that will fall to 27% at the end of the forecast period. IPTV will increase its share of western European pay TV homes from 9% to 15% across the same time-span.

Digital DTH will, however, generate the largest proportion of revenues by end-2015, taking 49% of the US$32.6 billion (€22.2 billion) cumulative total generated by all pay TV services in the region. Digital cable will account for 24% of the pie and IPTV 10%. Pay DTT and analogue cable will take 8% and 9% shares respectively.

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