ER-Telecom chooses Conax CAM for HD service

China-based conditional access module supplier SMiT has supplied a new Secure Conax chipset pairing conditional access module (CAM) to support ER-Telecom’s HD service expansion in Russia.

ER-Telecom’s service is marketed under the Divan-TV Plus brand and offers various HD channels including Film Screening HD-1, Film Screening HD-2, Mezzo HD, MTV HD, Eurosport HD, National Geographic Wild HD and Melody Zen HD.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of a new CA Module for Russian consumers,” said Stephen He, vice-president of SMiT. “The product has been made in close collaboration with ER-Telecom to ensure that it strikes a delicate balance between being cost effective and high security – this unit allows an operator to enhance the security of its pay TV content and offer its subscribers friendly simple way to enjoy the digital TV” 

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